Over the past 20 years I have designed and planted gardens from small urban spaces to large country gardens, some of these are shown in my garden gallery. I live near Hampton Court and my projects have ranged from London to Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex & Hertfordshire.

My approach is initially to understand thoroughly the needs and hopes of the client. Sometimes the clients know clearly what they want but often they just have an image that can be expressed through pictures from magazines and books.

A key piece of information at this stage is the budget for the project and I can give some idea what a particular scheme might cost. Getting this clear from the outset means my design will be a practical solution and I can create a design with empathy and style.

Contrary to the views often expressed by Monty Don, garden designers do have important role. Many people enjoy choosing flowers and plants and taking them home to their gardens. These will give a few weeks of pleasure but without a structure and style this will be short-lived. Design is an essential element of any harmonious system and for gardens to realise their full potential harmony is the essence.

I came to garden design via my love of plants gained from time spent in the garden with my father. After working at Clifton Nurseries increasing my plant knowledge I went to the English Gardening School at Chelsea Physic Garden to study garden design. I still love plants passionately but as my own garden is fully occupied this creative passion has to find an outlet in the plants for my clients' gardens.